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Dictation and Transcription Issue Update
What are we doing?

We have worked to provide an interim solution for our providers to be able to dictate in an alternate solution.
Dictation and Transcription services are now available.

When are we doing this? Now.
Any down time for customers?


See instructions below and attached.  

Dictation Downtime Workaround

What does this mean for you?

·  For the pre-procedural and pre-operative areas:

o   Pre-procedural documentation (H&P) should stay on paper (remember to date and time that documentation). 

o   Post-procedural  documentation (OP note) should move back to dictation

·     We have prioritized the dictation work types in how they should be done.  We anticipate turnaround times being a bit slower as this company is not used to our full volume.

  • Dictation line issues from yesterday have been corrected, and it should be working properly.  If you encounter a problem, please call 2-4496 to report it.  Please be sure to describe where you were trying to connect, and what problem you encountered.
  • Dictations done at this time will only be viewable in the Medical Records tab in Portal, not the Transcriptions section.
  • Turn around times on reports is much slower than we are used to, but will be improving.  Of the 1000 dictations done since we went live with this solution yesterday morning, 400 have been completed and are available in the Medical Records Tab.
    • The transcription vendor is working to increase staff and improve workflow, so we expect this to improve over the next couple of days
    • If you have done a dictation that needs to be transcribed ASAP, please call Medical Records at 2-4689 with the patient details, and they will have it expedited.
  • Given the delays in dictation availability, we would encourage writing a brief note in the paper record, summarizing your Impression/Plan/Recommendations
  • Any dictation done between Monday 6/24 and Noon on Tuesday 6/25 that you cannot find in the medical record should be assumed to be lost, and should be redone.  We recognize what an inconvenience this is, but it is completely out of our control.


 Phone issues – please call x24496

Medical Records questions - please call x24689

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